Buy a SSL Certificate

SSL certificates provide security of information when using online services. They verify the identity of the opposing party and ensure that no one can understand what messages you share. SSL certificates are divided into three main types. Ordinary SSL Certificates, Wildcard SSL Certificates and EV SSL certificates.
  • Ordinary SSL certificates can be purchased by anyone. However, these certificates have their limitations since they can be used only for one domain. If you need to use a different domain or subdomain, you will need to install a new certificate.
  • Wildcard certificates can support additional sub domains, set to the main domain of the certificate installed.
  • There are also EV SSL certificates. This type of certificates are issued only to legal entities. These certificates certify the authenticity and origin of corporate websites as it creates additional trust in its users.
  • SSL Certificate ?Encryption ?Site Seal ?Wildcard ?Period ?Price  
    RapidSSL 256 bit Yes No 1 year 25.95 USD
    GeoTrust QuickSSL 256 bit Yes No 1 year 105.00 USD
    GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium 256 bit Yes No 1 year 145.00 USD
    GeoTrust True BusinessID 256 bit Yes No 1 year 145.00 USD
    GeoTrust TrueBizID with EV 256 bit Yes No 1 year 230.00 USD
    GeoTrust TrueBizID Wildcard 256 bit Yes Yes 1 year 570.00 USD