About us

Company Overview

We're dedicated to supply everything for your on-line presence starting from domain name registration(s) and common web hosting to eCommerce solutions, SSL certificates and VPS hosting. Our fundamental aim is our extensive expertise in that which we do. We do offer Web hosting platform that we run and offer to our customers throughout the years on learn-by-doing basis. This lets us do stress testing on variety of conditions before accentuate web hosting technology we run close to the perfection of today. Learning every facet of the web hosting platform know-how, makes us flexible and create what's been demonstrated, and ready to behave in the manner that is most satisfactory.

Services Summary

A-Host has a number of services including but not limited to: Domain Name Registrations, Common Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers Hosting, SSL Certificates (in association with world's most trusted SSL suppliers) and Domain Name Transfers. A-Host is among the innovators in Free Web Hosting industry. We offer a feature-limited free web hosting service as part of our courtesy policy and believe this makes our customer's base larger.

Our Powerful Edges

Our main edge is founded on our risk free service - free web hosting with restricted attributes for those of you who are not convinced they will need hosting for quite a while and are newbies or for those who want to check the service before they purchase. Our other powerful advantage is our custom in house developed platform that we understand the way to run, maintained with ease and have invented. These on-line internet interfaces assist you to handle and control anything about your web site(s).

Data Center Infrastructure

Our servers are located together in Kiel, Germany at LambdaNet. It is known as a part of the linking backbone of the Internet between North America and Europe that has a large number of private peerings. The presence of the key international exchange points are what define the fast access to all of the important networks between two continents. The infrastructure equipment for the data center has an ETS 300 019-2-3 class 3.1 a/c units that are available as well. There are also two independent sources of interruptable power supply (230 volt and a 240 volt) and diesel generators that will deliver electricity in case of conventional local power supplier failure.

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Address: LambdaNet, Kiel (Hamburg), Germany Email: sales (at) a-host.net